Both boys and girls can have mental health concerns and sometimes these issues show themselves in different ways. The way in which mental health issues develop depend on many things, but the child’s gender can have a role. Because boys and girls are often socialized in different ways, boys often show outward signs of anger, aggression and acting out behaviors. Girls on the other hand sometimes tend to hold in these feelings and this can lead to problems, such as depression, anxiety and other “internalized” disorders. However,  new research has shown that the differences in the way in which girls and boys experience mental health issues is getting smaller. For girls, as they develop and have relationships, treatment that focuses on relationships and is sensitive have been found to be very helpful. Some agencies and providers offer gender sensitive counseling and services designed for the needs of girls. As a parent or caregiver, you know your child best and can help point to the issues and concerns that will be most important when finding the right help.