helps parents and caregivers in Connecticut and beyond understand their child’s behavior and mental health issues. The website answers frequently asked questions, helps families navigate treatment options, and provides links to Connecticut and national resources. The site can be viewed in English and Spanish and includes special sections on trauma, early childhood mental health, school-based mental health, and evidence-based treatments. The site also has a section for professionals working with young children in Connecticut.

*Please note that the information presented is not an attempt to practice medicine or give specific medical advice, including, without limitation, advice concerning the topic of mental health. We are not a referral source and we cannot recommend specific providers.


The Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI) initially developed in 2010 to serve as a free, comprehensive resource on children’s mental health for parents and caregivers in Connecticut. In 2015, the site was expanded (with funding from Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood) to connect early childhood professionals to free training and share information to promote social and emotional learning in young children. In 2022, the site was refreshed and redesigned with support from the State of Connecticut’s Connecting to Care initiative. Connecting to Care is a statewide partnership to improve children’s behavioral health by building an accessible and coordinated system or “network of care” for children and their families.

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There are many ways for parents, caregivers, and youth to contribute to behavioral health system change in Connecticut. The State of Connecticut is working with families to improve children’s behavioral health systems and services so that they work for all of the State’s children, youth, and families. Opportunities include free training, providing input, and joining a statewide workgroup or community collaborative. For more information, visit

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CHDI is an independent non-profit providing a bridge to better and more equitable behavioral health and well-being for children, youth, and families. We collaborate with policymakers, providers, and partners to transform child-serving systems, disseminate evidence-based and best practices, and advance policy solutions that result in better outcomes for children in Connecticut and beyond. Learn more at

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