Contribute to behavioral health system change efforts in Connecticut.

Provide Input for Connecticut’s Behavioral Health System for Children

We welcome your input on Connecticut’s behavioral health system for children. Comments submitted will be forwarded to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families for ongoing consideration.

Provide Input for Connecticut’s Behavioral Health System for Children

Join a Workgroup

Connecting to Care has five workgroups dedicated to advance system coordination, integration, equity, and quality.

Find a Collaborative

Community Collaboratives bring providers, community members, caregivers, family members and youth together in their communities to utilize resources, identify gaps, and ensure services meet the changing social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children, adolescents and their families.

Attend a Training

Families, providers and community members can access free trainings on a range of behavioral health, health equity, family advocacy, leadership, and Wraparound topics.

The Plan4Children calendar lists upcoming trainings from FAVOR and WrapCT.

Additional trainings can be found or requested using the links below:

  1. Connecticut Suicide Advisory Board (trainings for communities, families, youth and providers)
  2. CLAS Workgroup (health equity training and technical assistance is available upon request)
  3. Connecticut Early Psychosis Learning Health Network (educational webinars, ECHO case-based learning, educational family workshops, skills trainings, as well as clinic-level consultation)

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