As a parent, you usually know your child better than anyone else. There are a variety of signs that might suggest your child is having difficulties at school. Some possible things to look for include:
  • Is your child suddenly avoiding school or complaining of illness when it is time to go to school?
  • Is your child experiencing significant changes in their school performance (poor grades, failing tests, etc.)?
  • Is your child having increased disciplinary problems at school?
  • Does your child have difficulty concentrating in class?
  • Does your child’s mood or behavior seem different to you, especially when it is time to go to school or when talking about school?
  • Is your child complaining a lot about school and it is a source of concern?
  • Does your child report problems with other children or feel like they don’t fit in?
  • Has your child’s teacher talked to you about his/her concerns?
  • Is your child having difficulties at home or in other areas of their life?
  • Is your child exposed to stressful situations at home such as marital or family problems, substance abuse, changes in living status, or domestic violence?
  • Has your child recently experienced a troubling or traumatic event?
  • Does your child have an existing mental health problem or concern?
These are just some of the potential warning signs that your child may be having difficulties at school related to mental health concerns. As your child’s caregiver, it is important to look for any significant changes and pay attention to possible warning signs. Ask your child questions and do your best to understand their concerns.