A child’s primary care doctor can conduct a short trauma history for the child, or your child can be screened directly by a mental health specialist. Screenings are completed by the parent or caregiver for children ages 3-18.  If your child is age 7 or older, they can complete an interview by themselves with a doctor or mental health clinician.  Younger children may not be able to answer for themselves and you will have to provide the information for them. The trauma screening should take about 3-10 minutes, depending upon the number of traumas the child has experienced as well as the age of the child.  A more thorough assessment may take longer, but can typically be completed in one visit. The screening tool asks questions like, “Has your child ever been in a bad accident, or know someone who has died” for example. If the doctor or mental health specialist feels there has been significant trauma exposure and some distress related to one or more traumas, the child should be referred for further evaluation. To find a list of providers in Connecticut that can conduct a thorough screening and assessment, please click here or call 211.