Here is what to look for in your young child that will show good mental health:
Babies are alert and willing to explore toys and play with caregivers. They enjoy being held and making noises with their caregivers.   They play games like “So BIG” or “Patty Cake” happily. They are able to find comfort from their

Toddlers eagerly explore new things they find around them. They stay with a toy or activity even when it is hard for them to use. They can play with adults and other children, giving and taking toys, watching and smiling. They understand “no” and stop when they hear it to find out what to do next. They find their caregivers when they need comforting.

Preschoolers go to adults when they need help. They follow simple directions. They can wait when asked for a short period calmly without crying. They play cooperatively with other children with adults as their guides.

It is important to note that all children, even healthy children, will at times be frustrated, cry and have difficulty being soothed. However, when these concerns become chronic or overwhelming, the parent may need extra help and support.