It is important to talk with your primary care doctor about your child’s symptoms to help you determine if your child’s symptoms are unusual or worrisome and if you should seek help. You can ask your pediatrician for a referral to a mental health specialist who can conduct a more thorough assessment or provide treatment if needed. Some pediatricians may not be trained or familiar in diagnosing traumatic stress and you may need to seek a consultation directly at a local provider who offers specialized treatment. A list of providers in Connecticut can be found here. Most providers accept many forms of insurance, Medicaid (HUSKY) and have sliding scales for self-pay families.  It is sometimes possible for a child with chronic stress symptoms to be misdiagnosed for a variety of disorders including: ADHD, major depression, Bipolar Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, specific phobias, and learning/academic difficulties. It is important to seek help from a qualified professional who has experience treating child traumatic stress problems.