There are two ways that a child may be identified as possibly needing special education and related services: the system known as Child Find (which operates in each state), and by referral of a parent or caregiver or school staff.
Child Find: In Connecticut (for children ages 3-21) the Child Find Project at the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) can help explain the process and help families connect with their local school district as well as other agencies. Call the toll free number, 1-800-445-2722 or click here for more information.

Connecticut parents or guardians of children ages birth through two years who think that their child may have a disability should contact Birth-to-Three at 1-800-505-7000.

Referral or request for evaluation A school professional may ask that a child be evaluated to see if he or she has a disability. Parents or caregivers may also contact the child’s teacher or other school staff to ask that their child be evaluated. This request may be verbal, but it’s best to put it in writing.

Connecticut parents can use the Connecticut State Department of Education’s standard form, ED621, that can be filled out and given to the school.