Child Health USA is an annual report on the health status and service needs of America’s children. It provides graphical and textual summaries of secondary data on over 50 health-related indicators.
Among the 5.1 % of children who received treatment for emotional or behavioral difficulties, almost 60 percent were seen at a private practice, clinic, or mental health care center, while nearly 40 percent received treatment through their school. Another one-quarter of children who received treatment did so through a primary care provider, and fewer than 10 percent of children received treatment at some other type of place.
(Parents could report more than one place of treatment.) (based on 2005-6 data)
5.1 percent of children aged 4-17 years were prescribed medication for emotional or behavioral difficulties in the past year. That includes the 4.4 percent of children who were reported to have been prescribed medication for the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Again, boys were more likely than girls to have been prescribed medication (6.6 versus 3.4 percent), and 12- to 17-year-olds were more likely to be prescribed medication than younger children (6.0 versus 4.3 percent; data not shown).
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